Editing is a part of all writing assignments whether it is academic writing or professional writing. But the importance of editing is much higher in an academic writing assignment because there will be a lot of things which are dependant on the outcome of the assignment.

Even though students take a lot of trouble with the preparation of their assignment, editing is one job that keeps getting neglected due to lack of time or energy. After going through the long and tedious procedure of preparing a research paper or essay, it is natural to feel too exhausted to sit and edit the whole document. But what they don’t realize is that omitting this one bit could make all the rest of their effort go waste.

It is not enough to know that you need to edit your document; it is also necessary to know how to edit it. If you don’t know what you are looking for, then there will not be any point in wasting time over it. First of all, understand that the purpose of editing is to clean the document of all errors and fix any mistakes that might have got overlooked while the final draft was prepared.

To start off the editing process, refer to the guidelines. See if your essay fits perfectly into the guidelines for:

• The page/ word limit.
• The style of writing.
• The number of sources.
• The subject matter
• The content
• References

If there are any more details given in the guidelines, do check that as well. After making the necessary changes in this, proceed to check for structural errors in sentences. It is very important for the structure of the sentences to be perfect, for your writing to make sense and be intelligible. When you rewrite some of the sentences while preparing the final draft, it is quite possible for you to forget to check if the sentence, as a whole, is still making sense. But when you are going through the document while editing, it will be much easier to note the structural issues.

Bibliographical references are another one of the most important matters which need to be rechecked before submitting your work. Considering the strict laws regarding plagiarism, it is very important to make sure that all the sources are cited according to the writing style used or as per guidelines. Check whether the sources have been mentioned accurately and with all the necessary details.

It is always advisable to keep proof reading as a separate job, to avoid doing too many things together. But it may not always be possible to find time for separate proof reading. In which case, you should include that as well in the editing. Look for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and correct them. Remember that when you too many things at a time, you might not be able to any of them properly.

You will find that professional writers always hire people to edit their works. The reason is that editing is a job which requires a lot of concentration and time. Hence, if you don’t feel up to it, you should get it done by professional writers who offer editing services.