Learning the basics of English language is important for all students, irrespective of the main subjects they have chosen. Whether you are studying English as a subject or not, your course work will include essays and research papers on your subject, for which you will need to use good language. Whether you are writing the paper on science, Mathematics, history or economics, the theoretical part of all these subjects require you to convey whatever you wish to say in good English. Hence it is also important to edit and proof read your paper and correct all the errors and flaws before submitting.

Unless you are fluent in English you will not be able to put into words, what you actually want to say. There are certain mistakes which can change the meaning of the whole sentence. So unless you are sure of what you are writing you might end up conveying an entirely wrong idea to those who are judging your work.
English plays a big part in the impression your paper creates about you. Your professors or the judging committee of your research paper will be judging many papers a day. They might not find it interesting or even acceptable, to have to correct the basic grammar and sentence of the paper they have in front of them, before being able to read on.

Unless your paragraphs are well formed and placed in such a way that one leads to the other, your research paper or essay will not make any sense to those who read it. Paragraphs are separated for the purpose of making it easy for the reader to understand and adjust to the slight shift from one point to the other. So your paragraph breaks should happen at the right place. Each paragraph should easily connect to the one next to it and lead to the concluding paragraph.

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can take a lot of marks off your paper. After you put in so much effort into writing your research paper or essay, why would you let your spelling or grammar errors ruin its good content?

Whether you find it important or not, whether you have time for it or not, you have to make sure that your research paper or term paper, is edited and proof read before it is submitted. If you have no time for it or if the writing process has left you too tired to do it, you can always get it done by professionals. What is important is that the hard work you have put in does not go waste due to the not-so-interesting writing style or the unwisely placed paragraph breaks or worse still, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

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