Some examples of good English research paper topics

English research papers are extremely interesting to handle. Your interest in the subject would influence the difficulty of the assignment to a great extent. But it is surprising that science students consider arts and literature subjects simple and easy. The truth is, learning literature is far from being easy. Literature is a subject which is vast, with information buried under layers of creativity. Digging them out and presenting them with added creativity, without losing the essence of the actual work, is no easy job. And that is exactly what you would be doing in an English research paper. Hence choosing English research paper topics which you can handle is very important.

Most students are capable of learning lessons by heart from the pages of their books. But creativity is not something that can be copied or learned. It is in-born and only those who are skilled with the most powerful and beautiful use of words can excel in literature education. The most interesting fact about literature is that, if you can write well, you can develop any topic into an interesting research paper. Here are some suggestions or examples of topics that can be considered for an interesting research paper.

1. Studying a particular author or poet is one option of topic for an English research paper. Pick an author whose works are familiar to you, so that your research process would be much easier. You can research on what all were the achievements of the authors and what their shortcomings were.

2. Interpreting a poem is another excellent option of English research paper topic. But make sure that your interpretation is original. Interpreting it through a perspective which has already been adopted by someone else would disqualify it as a research paper topic.

3. You can consider studying the literature of a particular nation or compare the literature of two countries and prepare a report. Under this section you will find lots of topics like American literature, African literature, Indian literature and so on.

4. You can consider doing an analytical study of merged literature sections like Asian – American literature or African – American literature. You can prepare a research report on what all positive aspects have been adopted from each of those which were merged and what the outcome was.

5. You can study a particular branch of literature like novels or short stories or science fiction or choose any one work from any of these as your topic.

There is no dearth of good English research paper topics. What you need is the ability to analyze your options accurately to find the suitable one for you. Remember that, when it comes to English research papers, writing skills are extremely important. The style and clarity of your writing as well as the powerful use of words you employ in your research paper would influence your grades. It is needless to say that grammatical or spelling mistakes should be avoided.

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