Some English research paper topics

If you are asked to present a research paper on any topic related to English literature, it will be like being left in the middle of the sea, alone, with a huge fleet of boats to choose from, for your own escape. Whichever you choose it will definitely take you home but all the same, whichever one you may choose, you will most probably wonder at least once sometime later, if there was a better one among those which you didn’t choose. So before setting out, let us discuss some English research paper topics.

Any work in English could be classified as English literature. Since there are more than one English speaking nation, many countries have made contributions to ‘English literature’ in their own style. So that is the first choice you have to make – which part of the world you would like your literature topic to be from. Some of your options will be:

• British English Literature
• American English Literature
• Indian English literature
• African – American Literature
• European – English Literature

These are only some of the options. There are more which you will find on the internet or your library. Once you choose from one of the options available, you can move on to the type of literature you want to write on. Some examples are:

• Poetry
• Prose
• Drama
• Short stories
• Folklores
• Biographies

Again, these are just a few of a whole lot of topics available. Once you close in on the topic, you will be facing the many subdivisions each of these have. For example, if you take poetry, you will find the sub divisions like:

• Sonnet
• Ballad
• Elegy
• Ode
• Epic
• Allegory
• Lyric

It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you are sure of your ability to research your point and accessibility to the necessary research materials.

English literature is a great subject to work on. Doing research in this particular subject can be very interesting because you will be dealing mostly with fictional, imaginary subjects, unless it is a biography. And it can be a lot of fun to try and do a research on the product of the imagination of someone who might have had existed in some other century.

If you are choosing to deal with Literature that belong to another age, even though you should do a lot of reference work, it is better to stick to your instincts while preparing the final draft as most of the data available on those subjects are not facts. There are not many proved theories about most of the authors who belonged to another age, like the Victorian or the Elizabethan age authors.

If you are not sure that you will be able to do justice to your research paper due to lack of time or resources or any other issue, you can get a custom research paper or custom term paper done on whatever topic you choose. You can choose how early you want it and how you want your English research paper to look. Whatever your choice is, make sure you choose wisely as your grades depend on it.