Finding a good English research paper topic

There is no point in studying English literature if you cannot enjoy every moment of it, including those which you would spend working on your assignments. And, in order to be able to enjoy studying literature, you must be able to rid yourself of the stress of the academic assignments. Unfortunately, literature assignments are not so simple or easy as they are believed to be. Yet, there are many ways in which you can ease the stress of your academic projects; the choice of a good English research paper topic is just one of them.

Differentiating between a good topic and a right topic

English Research Paper TopicsEven though there are numerous English research paper topics to choose from, not all of them would suit you or your project alike. Being able to differentiate between a good topic and the right topic is crucial to the success of an English research paper. Almost all English literature topics, listed for research, are interesting. But there are various factors which work as the criteria for judging the suitability of an English research topic.

1. The sources: Unlike science subjects, literature offers very few credible sources for research. You will find a lot of information which has been put together based solely on circumstantial evidences. Hence, while choosing the topic for research, ensure the availability of credible sources for reference on the topic.

2. The deadline: Most academic research papers come with short deadlines. And there aren’t many topics in literature which can be successfully studied within a short span of time. Hence, choose an English research topic which you can handle within the given time limit.

3. The page limit: Filling pages is not as easy as it might seem. If you have a long page limit, then it is better to take a narrow perspective of the topic as generalized topics don’t offer many points to write on. Generalized topics work well enough for short research papers.

Possible approaches to an English research paper

Choosing the right approach is important for English research papers also. If you have been allowed to choose any English research paper topic you like, you must use the opportunity to pick one which will make the task easier for you. There are many approaches which you can use for an English research paper. As long as it suits you and your project, all of them would be equally good.

• A comparative study of two authors who belong to the same era.
• An analytical study of the works of a particular author.
• An argumentative stance on an existing belief which is yet to be proved.
• An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of any one of the writers.
• A study of any one of the great literary works.

Getting expert guidance

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