Good examples of thesis statements for research papers

All research paper projects come with guidelines which set the main criteria for the evaluation of the project. But, in addition to the guidelines, there are many other aspects which also count while your paper gets judged. The way you present your paper, your knowledge of the subject matter etc can attract positive or negative responses from your audience. The thesis of a research paper is its focal point and is stated many times in a research paper document. It is necessary for you to know the purpose of each of your thesis statements in order to be able to prepare them in the appropriate manner. It would help you a lot to get some good examples of thesis statements for research papers, for reference, in order to get a better idea of the concept.

The purpose of a thesis statement

Example of a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper     The main purpose of a thesis statement is to declare your theory on the topic or the solution you suggest for the research problem you are addressing. It is stated multiple times in a research paper; each time with a different purpose. Once you understand those purposes, with the help of a good example of a thesis statement for a research paper, you would be able to learn how to state your thesis effectively.

The thesis is sated:

• In the research proposal in a confident, yet suggestive, tone; confident as you need to convince the authorities of the possibility of your thesis being proved correct and suggestive as you are yet to conduct the study on the topic.

• In the abstract (only if it is an informative abstract) in a bold tone as the research would have been completed and the paper prepared by the time you start writing your informative abstract.

• In the introduction in a very confident manner, but without imposing any authority yet. You can state the thesis confidently as you have completed your research and is confident about the data you have gathered. But you cannot show authority yet as your audiences are yet to see the evidence you have put together.

• In the conclusion in a bold and authoritative tone. As your thesis passes through the body paragraphs, it gains authority with the references and the pieces of evidence you present. By the time it reaches the concluding part, it can be stated quite authoritatively as you have provided unquestionable evidence towards the same.

While choosing an example of a thesis statement for a research paper, remember to refer to the one which is prepared for the same type of research paper as what you are writing. For example, a persuasive research paper thesis statement would slightly differ from an analytical statement. The subject also matters sometimes. Theses on math research paper topics can never be stated the way you state history paper theses. Hence, try to find a sample thesis statement which would suit you in every manner.

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