Referring to examples of abstracts for research papers

All scholarly research papers require an abstract to be presented along with the document; and most academic research papers also ask for abstracts to be presented either with the document or separately. The abstract of a research paper serves the purpose of giving the reader a good idea of the contents of that paper. A poorly prepared abstract might even restrain the readers from reading the rest of your paper. You might have skipped through many examples of abstracts for research papers or books, without sparing it much thought. But while preparing an abstract for your paper, you must pay attention to many crucial aspects which can affect the impression created in the readers’ minds about your paper.

A good example of an abstract for a research paper

Example of an Abstract for a Research Paper As mentioned above, a research paper abstract helps the reader in judging whether the document is worthy of reading or not. If someone is looking for specific information, the abstracts tell them whether that information might be present in that paper or not. There are mainly two types of abstracts – the informative abstract and the descriptive abstract. Most academic research papers require informative abstracts but where it is not specified, you may use any one of them which suits your purpose.

Let us take a look at what would good examples of abstracts for research papers, of both these types, be like.

An informative abstract:

• Is a complete summary of the document.
• Includes information on the topic, thesis, the methods and the result.
• Contains keywords which would help researchers find the document online.
• Saves the reader the trouble of going through the entire document except when necessary.
• Is much lengthier and more informative than a descriptive abstract.

A descriptive abstract:

• Describes, in a few words, the content matter of the document, in a generic scale.
• Mentions only the topic of discussion.
• Is a very short abstract of not more than 100 words.
• Does not include the research related information or the result.
• Does not summarize any part of the document.

If all you intend to do is to inform your reader about the topic of your paper and the general details, you may go in for a descriptive abstract. But if you wish to give your reader a chance to judge your paper through the abstract, go in for an informative one.

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