Good examples of outlines for research papers for reference

Research paper outlines are among the most useful tools for research paper writing. The use of an outline makes the research paper writing process, a relatively easier one. Unfortunately, most students tend to omit the outline, hoping to save some time. But the truth is that, an outline makes research paper writing, a much simpler and enjoyable process. If it is your ignorance, on the methods of preparing the outline, that is stopping you from using it, then you can refer to some good outline guides or examples of outlines for research papers to get an idea of the process.

Research paper outline samples

Example of an Outline for a Research Paper Research paper outlines are prepared during the latter part of a research project, which is the writing part. Once you are through with your research, you will have a jumble of points in hand. At that stage, only you will be able to make sense of what you have noted down. Your task is to develop it into a research paper which is comprehensible to others. And that is where an outline would be of use. It will help you organize the points in the best possible way and also give you an overview of all the points collected. The outline will also help you spot any irrelevant points, very easily, as you place them in the various sections of your outline.

There are mainly two types of outlines which are used for research paper writing. One is based on structural components of a research paper whereas the other is based on the structural elements. You will find numerous examples of outlines for research papers prepared in both these formats. As there are no restrictions regarding the format of a research paper outline, you may choose any one which suits you.

An example of an outline for a research paper, which is based on the structural components, would look like this:

1. Title page:

• The title
• The name of the author
• The course title
• The name of the professor
• The date
2. Introduction:

• The topic
• Background information
• Scope of the topic
• Nature of research
• Methodology
• Thesis statement

3. Body I, II and III (or as many as necessary)

• First, second and third main points respectively in each body paragraphs
• Explanation
• Discussion
• Justification

4. Conclusion

• Summary of the points
• Reinstated thesis
• Scope for further research on the topic
• Concluding line

Starting from the research paper introduction to the research paper conclusion, every single element of your research paper will fit into this framework very easily. But take a look at the example of an outline for a research paper based on the elements of a research paper also before deciding which one is more suitable for you. Knowing the research paper definition alone will not help you much. You must also learn how to make use of helpful tools like outlines and time sheets. If you need any help with any stage of your research paper project, starting from finding good research proposal titles to the bibliography section, let us know. We have expert academic writers to help students with their academic projects. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the work we do.