What to know while looking for examples of research papers

Research paper writing is a process which goes through various stages or levels. It is, therefore, ideal to refer to good examples of research papers to get a good idea of the process and its specific requirements. But do not underestimate the trouble involved in finding good examples. Especially, if you are searching on the internet, chances are that you will find as many unreliable and incorrect examples as the good and credible ones. There is also the fact that all good research papers will not suit your purpose. That makes it necessary for you to learn to differentiate between good and suitable research paper examples and poorly written ones.

There are certain basic things you must know before you start looking around for a good example of research paper; especially if you have a specific purpose for it.

• Research papers come in many types. Argumentative, analytic, comparative, controversial, descriptive etc are just a few of them. The example you choose must be of the same type as you wish to learn about.

• There are many research paper documentation formats. APA style, MLA style, Chicago style and Harvard style are the ones which are most commonly used for academic research papers. The styles are usually chosen as per subject preferences. If you know which style you will be using the most, choose an example which has been prepared, efficiently, in that style.

• Research paper writing involves the use of different methods and tools. Having a thorough understanding, of the methodology which is most commonly used for researches in your subject and the best instruments which come under it, is very important. Hence, choose an example of research paper which has employed the use of the particular methodology which you should get yourself familiar with.

• There are optional and mandatory components to a research paper. Not all examples will include all the optional ones. If it is a free example which you have chosen, it will, most probably, have only the mandatory components. Hence, ensure that the example you choose has all the optional components which you wish to know about.

• Most importantly, choose a research paper example offered by a credible source. Poorly or incorrectly prepared research paper examples will mislead you and confuse you later on. Also, what you learn in the initial stages will last forever and you will find it difficult to change your idea at a later stage. Hence, do not take a chance with the example you choose for reference.

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