An example of an outline for research paper

There is a pre-conceived notion, among students, about research papers being extremely difficult to handle. It is unfortunate that, instead of trying to think of what can be done to make the process easier, students just panic at the very sight of their research paper guidelines. There are many useful tools which can make research paper writing a more enjoyable process. The research paper outline is one of them. If you have never used an outline before, you will need to refer to outlining guides or examples of outlines for research paper assignments to understand how it works.

The process of outlining a research paper

Examples of Outlines for Research PaperWhen you complete your research, you will have a jumble of points in front of you, mostly in abstract form. As soon as your research is complete, those phrases would still make sense to you. But if you take a break at that point and get back to work after a couple of days, you will be shocked at how meaningless those words or phrases sound to you. In order to avoid such confusion, you must sort out the points into an outline, as soon as you complete your research. Once the points are well-placed in the outline, you will not have any difficulty in following it, regardless of the length of the break you take.

There are two very common methods which are used for a research paper outline. The one based on the structural components of the paper and the other one which is based on the fundamental elements.

Here is an example of outline for research paper which is based on the vital elements of research paper writing. In such an outline, you will be sorting the points based on:

1. The title
a) The running head (if it is an APA format paper)

2. The research problem
a) The background information
b) The nature of research
c) The scope of the problem
3. The thesis
4. The sources
a) Primary sources
b) Secondary sources
a) Text sources
b) Internet sources
5. The main point
6. The second main point
7. The third main point
8. The result

There are many methods which can be used for outlining a research paper. As it is not a part of the final document, you have no restrictions regarding the framing of an outline. All that matters is that you are able to follow the pattern when you finally sit down to develop it into a research paper. If you take a look at some examples of outlines for research paper writing, you will know which pattern suits your comprehension most.

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