A good example of research paper outline

A research papers outline is one of the most useful tools for research paper writing. But, unfortunately, it often gets omitted as it is not a mandatory component of research paper writing. Students, even on being aware of its existence, choose to omit it because they think that its absence will be inconspicuous as it is not a part of the final document anyway. But the truth is that a research paper outline is something that can be conspicuous due to its absence. Hence, even if you have to find time to go through outline guides or examples of research paper outlines, it will be worth it to learn the concept.

An example of research paper outline based on the structural components

examples of research paper outlinesWhenever you get tempted to omit the outline, you must remember that any trained eye would be able to notice its absence. A research paper which was developed without an outline will lack structural quality. Hence, if it is the ignorance on outlining that is stopping you from using one, get a good example of research paper outline for reference.

Since research paper outlines are not formal documents, you have the liberty of choosing any pattern which you like. There would be no restrictions regarding the outlining methods. You can use the outlining based on the structural components or the vital elements of research papers.

Let us take a look at how you can organize the points into the outline using the structural components. As you know, a research paper has many components. Some are optional and some are mandatory. The outline given below includes the mandatory components of a research paper.

1. Title page

a) The title
b) The author
c) The course title
d) The name of the professor
e) The date

2. Introduction

a) The topic or the research problem.
b) The background information
c) The nature of research
d) The methodology
e) The scope of the research problem
f) The thesis

3. Body paragraph I, II, III (as many as is necessary)

a) The main points
b) The discussions
c) The evidences
d) The justifications
e) The parenthetical references or footnotes

4. The research paper conclusion

a) The summary of important points
b) The thesis reinstated
c) The scope of further research in the field
d) The concluding line

5. The reference section

a) The title
b) The list

Against each of these, you may place the points you have gathered. That way, you will not have much to edit after you have developed the research paper.

Simply by knowing the research paper definition, you will not be able to prepare a good research paper; you must also know what all fundamental elements must be put together to make it impressive. Taking a look at various types of examples of research paper outlines would help you understand the concept better.

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