During your academic curriculum, you will find research papers come your way in many different names. Even though the basic rules for research paper writing are generally the same, there are some aspects which differentiate one from the other. It is important that you understand these small differences before you write your research paper. Because if the genre has been specified you have to write in such a way that your research paper will fit beautifully and most effectively into the given category. Expository research paper is one such genre you will be handling at least once and usually more than once, during your academic period.

What is an expository research paper and what are the requirements to write a paper in that genre? Even though the names make it sound a bit formidable, it is actually one of the simple ones of the lot. In this category of research paper, all you are expected to do is explain or write on a given topic or a topic that you have chosen, if given the option to do so. The topic on which you are going to write should be explained in as much detail as possible. How well you explain or describe the topic is that which will become the criteria for the judgment of your expository research paper.

You are not expected to offer your opinion or even take a stance on the topic in question. You are merely asked to explain what the topic is all about. You need to use only the existing information on the topic for this type of research paper.

If you have the option of choosing a topic, try and make the best of it. Choose a topic which you can handle; something on which you can collect information easily. There are certain papers which do not require any research at all but not all of them come like that. Make sure you have access to enough research materials for the topic you choose if you do not want to end up running around to gather the information fast enough to be able to finish the paper before the given deadline.

In certain papers, it will be specified as to what is the minimum number of sources you are supposed to use to explain your topic. And it might also be mentioned as to what kind of sources it ought to be. You should take time to read the information carefully before jumping into the task. The guidelines are very important and unless you stick to them, you will not be able to secure good grades. And if you dare to travel too far away from the guidelines, your paper might not even get accepted. Guidelines are given to be followed so follow them as closely as possible.

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