How to format research papers

Research paper writing is a very long process which involves different stages of compiling, sorting and organizing the information gathered from the research. Certain formats have been fixed for the purpose of documenting research findings, considering the fact that it is necessary to have a common platform for evaluating the documents. Since each person has a different working style, without a common method which is accepted by all, each document will be of a different pattern, which will make fair evaluation impossible. All students are expected to know how to format a research paper, perfectly, with due respect to all the instructions.

While handling academic research papers, the first task is to read the guidelines to find out the specific instructions regarding the assignment. The instructions regarding the formatting of the research paper are among the most important. While going through the formatting instructions, pay attention to the various hints on:

• The various components of the research paper: Not all the components of the research paper are mandatory. There are certain components which are optional also. The literature review, the abstract etc are some of the optional ones. You must study the guidelines to ascertain which all sections needed to be included in your research paper.

• The documentation style: Even though most professors let the students prepare the research paper as per the formatting instructions in the style manual of the style used, some assignments ask for alterations in the style. This would be slightly different from the main instructions in the manual but within the permitted limits. Such alterations, if any, should be tallied with the style manual in order to format research papers appropriately.

• Citing the sources: Each formatting style has its own unique pattern and methods for citing the sources, used for research, in the research paper. Even though the rules regarding the references are not very flexible, there are certain clauses which permit changes, when required. These must be studied carefully with due consideration to the instructions in the style manual. For example; if your assignment guidelines ask you to include footnotes in your APA style research paper, do not make the mistake of using it for referencing purposes. In APA style you can use footnotes only for giving additional information on any of the points in your research paper.

• The margins, fonts and spacing: You will find detailed information regarding the finer aspects of formatting in the style manual; but if your professor has specified anything in the assignment guidelines, it would count above all the rest. Hence, check the instructions before you format a research paper.

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