How to format research papers appropriately

Out of the various stages of research paper writing, the formatting stage is one of the most important ones. A well-formatted research paper creates a positive impression, not only about the research paper but also, about your knowledge of the process. Even though it is a time-consuming and rather monotonous task, there is no way you can omit it as it is an integral part of the research paper writing procedure. In order to format research papers appropriately, you need to have a good idea of what all stages are involved in the formatting process.

All research paper assignments come with instructions regarding the pre-determined format for its documentation. The research paper formats are meant to serve many purposes; the main ones being that of creating a common platform for documentation and that of making research papers more legible and neat. That determines the importance of ensuring that your research paper is well formatted, with due adherence to even the finest formatting instructions given in the guidelines.

There are many factors which are involved in the research paper formatting procedure. And there are certain important points you must note in order to be able to format a research paper impressively.

• The documentation format: The main criteria of formatting a research paper would be the documentation style or the research paper format mentioned in the guidelines. There are various documentation formats like the MLA and APA styles. The base of your formatting would be the instructions given in the manual of the style you are using.

• The components: There are various components to a research paper document. Some of them like the title page and the bibliography section are mandatory while some others like the literature review are optional. It is to be determined from the guidelines as to which all optional components are required for your research paper project. And the main structure of your research paper must be formatted as per instructed by the style manual unless your guidelines contain specific instructions regarding the same.

• The bibliography: The bibliographic reference page is one of the most important parts of a research paper. You must keep aside enough time to format the bibliography section as there is a different method to cite each type of source. And this section, unless formatted appropriately, would not qualify to be accepted.

• The finer aspects: Once the main structure has been fixed appropriately, it is time to get into the finer details of formatting. The margins, the spacing, the font, the font size etc come under the fine detailing part of the formatting. Most research paper styles prefer 1 inch margins on each side and double spaced typing in Times New Roman 10-12pt font size. But you must confirm the same before applying it.

In order to be able to spare enough time to format research papers well enough, you must include it in your research paper schedule and keep aside enough time for it.

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