Understanding the various formats for research papers

There are various formats used for the documentation of research findings. Learning the formats for research papers in the subjects which are a part of your course is important as formats are usually determined as per subject preferences. But as it is not mandatory for any academic subject to stick to a specific format, it is also flexible to the preferences of the instructors. As you handle more and more assignments, you will get an idea of which all formats might come up for your research paper assignments.

There are some formats which are more frequently used for academic assignments than the others. It will help you to have a basic knowledge of all of them as you could find yourself facing a particular format for research paper, which you never expected, any time during your academic curriculum. The most commonly used academic research paper formats are:

• MLA: The documentation format developed by the Modern Language Association of America, MLA style is one of the most common formats used, not only for academic writing but also, in journals and for articles. The reason why it is so highly preferred is that it is one of the most flexible and simple styles of writing and documentation. It comfortably accommodates most of the alterations required for the documentation of the different subjects. It was originally developed for the purpose of documenting research finding in literature and humanities subjects. The style has detailed instructions on referencing and page formatting, in its style manual.

• APA: The APA format for research paper writing and documentation was developed by the American Psychological Association. It is preferred by social sciences for the documentation of its scholarly findings. It is not so flexible in its rules as the MLA format. But it also contains clear and very fine definitions of the various aspects of page formatting and referencing. If you are a social science student, you must keep an updated manual of APA style, in hand, as most of your academic research paper assignments will require to be prepared as per the APA style guidelines.

• The Chicago style: This style of writing is the most preferred style for history research documentation. Since historical research requires the use of numerous primary, secondary and sometimes even tertiary sources, the Chicago style of documentation has the most effective methods of citing the various types and levels of sources. This style also has finely defined the clauses regarding the formatting of the pages and the various research paper components.

Learning the basics of the formats for research papers used by the subjects you study will save you a lot of time while you are working on the assignment. Having to figure out the format, while you already have a tight research paper writing schedule, might not be an easy task. If you need any kind of help with any part or stage of research paper writing, you may let us know. We have expert academic writers from all subject areas, who will be able to help you with all your problems. They can also prepare a custom research paper for you, if you wish to opt for that.