Differences in the formats of research papers

Research papers are of various types and styles. But there is a basic format of research paper which does not change much. If you know the basic format and the possible changes that can come about in that, it will help you handle research paper assignments in a better and easier manner. If you do not know the basic format, you will end up confused about the specifications mentioned in the guidelines and end up formatting it inappropriately.

There are just a few things which you need to remember about the formats of research papers.

• The main aim of the fixed format is to make the assignment more comprehensible and easily legible to the audience. So, whatever changes or alterations the guidelines demand, would be to increase legibility of the research paper. Hence, it is necessary that you stick fully to every single instruction given in the guidelines. Formatting instructions sometimes would be detailed and the aspects addressed, very fine. Remembering to incorporate all of them into your research paper can be time-consuming. But every bit of trouble you put into the formatting is worth it as perfect formatting adds to the appeal of the paper.

• The format also creates a common base for judging the submissions. That also makes it one of the criteria of evaluation. There would be points kept aside for the format of your research paper. You will get only as much points as you have earned by sticking to the instructions regarding the formatting.

• A research paper assignment has various components. Not all of them form a part of the formats of all research papers. There are optional as well as mandatory elements in the format of research paper assignments. The optional elements include the literature review, the abstract, the methodology chapter etc. The mandatory components are the title page, the introduction, the conclusion, the bibliography etc. The mandatory components would not be specified in the guidelines whereas the optional ones required would be clearly mentioned. This makes it important for you to know which all are optional and which all mandatory in the basic research paper format.

• The page format guidelines of a research paper assignment would include instructions on the margins, the fonts, the number of words per page etc. Hence these aspects must be determined as per the guidelines of the assignment. Check whether the guidelines have asked for any alterations to be made to the basic style rules regarding the formatting of the assignment. If the guidelines haven’t specified anything about the formatting at all, go by the specifications of the documentation style you are using for the assignment.

Since applying the formats of research papers is a time-consuming task, students often end up omitting it as they struggle to keep up with the deadline. But a research paper which is not properly formatted would leave a very negative impression about your submission. Hence, if you do not have time to format your assignment, you must consider getting it done by professionals. We have academic writers who are experienced in the field, to help students with their academic writing projects. They can help you with the formatting of your research paper project.