Tips on studying the formats of research papers

All research papers are to be documented as per the specific format asked for by the instructor. Even students who are good with their subjects and have completed the research successfully find it extremely tough to document their research paper due to the complex clauses. And the fact that formatting comes towards the end of the rather long and tedious procedure of research paper writing does not help in anyway. Having an idea of the basic features of the various formats of research papers, which you regularly use, would help in easing the strain of formatting.

Out of the most common styles used for academic research paper writing are the MLA research paper format, The APA style of documentation and the Chicago style. You will be dealing with one or more of these styles depending on your subjects and the preferences of your professors. The main purpose of these formats is to add to the clarity and legibility of the research papers. It also creates a common platform of presentation for the submissions. There are various clauses in the style manuals regarding the formatting of the various elements and components of the research paper document.

• The title page: Every format of research paper has a unique way of presenting the title page. Whereas the MLA format prefers it as a part of the first page of the document, the APA style requires the additional element of a running head. The order in which the information is to be arranged also differs considerably with the research paper format.

Format of Research Paper• Parenthetical referencing: The style or presentation pattern of in-text references also differ along with the documentation formats of research papers. Some formats use the author-date system whereas some others give author’s surname and the page number. Certain styles use footnotes instead of in-text references and some others use end notes which are linked to the cited article using numbers or special characters. There are also content notes which are used by the MLA style of documentation.

• The bibliography: Being one of the mandatory elements of a research paper document, the bibliography section is unique to each format. Even the term used for the section is unique to each of the documentation formats. MLA style refers to the bibliography as the ‘Works cited’ list whereas the APA style has termed the section ‘References’. The information given in the section is somewhat similar but the presentation style is not.

• The basic formatting: The fonts, the margins and spacing are other elements of formatting which needs to be worried about. All documentation styles prefer fonts like Times New Roman which is legible and clear to read. The spacing is usually double as it makes the research paper look neat and easy to read.

If you are facing a particular format of research paper which you are not familiar with, it might prove to be a tough job to format your document. But as you work on the format you will learn it. Always remember to refer to the latest style manual. If you need help with the formatting of your research paper, we can help you. We can format your research paper for you or even prepare a custom research paper for you as per your specifications. Our writers are highly experienced in academic writing and will be able to prepare an outstanding research paper for you.