The appropriate usage of free sample research papers

There are many methods by which you can learn the task of writing a research paper. You can refer to research paper writing guides, take advices from your senior students or teachers and so on. But the best way to get a good idea of what a completed research paper looks like, is to refer to research paper samples. You can either buy research paper samples or look for a free sample research paper on the net or in your local library.

Referring to samples are quite helpful in giving you a good understanding of the process but you must remember a few things while referring to research paper samples.

• Choosing credible samples is extremely important. Exactly the way a good research paper sample would help you in the process, a bad sample can mislead you. Hence, ascertain the credibility of the author of the sample before choosing it for reference. If you have no way of finding out the credibility of the author, get someone knowledgeable to check the sample for you to ensure that it is a well-written one.

• If you are opting to find a free sample research paper, then make sure that it is fully accessible. Some websites offer free samples but when you try to download it, you might realize that only a part of it is for free reference. If you rely on it, you might end up paying for the complete sample.

• Choose a sample which is from your own subject area. The presentation methods, the terminology and the writing style differ from one subject to the other. Only a sample from your own subject can give you a clear idea of what, a research paper in your subject, should look like.

• Check if all the components you wish to learn about are included in the sample you choose. There are certain optional components in a research paper document and not all of them will be included in all the free sample research papers.

• Above all, remember that a sample is only for reference. Copying or reproducing any part of the sample without citing the source appropriately would amount to plagiarism. Even though now there are highly efficient methods of detecting plagiarism, there are no methods of differentiating between deliberate plagiarism and accidental plagiarism. Hence, if you are caught with borrowed information which is not duly referenced, you will be accused of plagiarism.

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