The attributes of good research papers

There are many things which a teacher expects to see in a research paper submission. But as most students are not aware of those aspects, teachers are often left disappointed while evaluating research papers. The disappointment is not limited to teachers. Students also feel let down when they see the grades they have got for their research paper projects. The comments like ‘no thesis’, ‘no focus’, ‘irrelevant sources’ etc often does not make much sense to students as they are not clear about what a thesis is and how the focus of the paper can be retained. But if you learn certain basic things about writing good research papers, you will not have to be disappointed with your grades ever again.

The vital elements of an impressive research paper

The main purpose of a research paper is to present a theory to your audience, which will mostly be your teacher if it is an academic research paper, and prove your point to them. As you are aiming at putting your point across to your audience, you can say that a research paper which succeeds in impressing the audience is a good research paper. There are certain fundamental aspects which makes a research paper interesting and impressive.

Good Research Paper1. Complete adherence to the guidelines: The most important point to remember is that your paper would be judged against the guidelines above everything else.

2. An interesting topic: The topic of a research paper is the research problem you address in your paper. A problem with high scope in the subject area would prove to be a good topic.

3. A good thesis: There are many good research topics. But the appeal of the topic will not come out unless you have a very good thesis worked out. The thesis of a research paper is its focal point. Your paper would be aimed at proving the thesis you state. An original thesis which is practically applicable can be called an impressive one.

4. Strong evidence: Whether you are dealing with computer research paper topics or history topics, you need unquestionable evidence to prove a theory. Ascertaining the availability of strong evidence is a must while picking a thesis for your paper.

5. Credible sources: Sources offer guidance and support during your research. Strong, credible and relevant sources add credibility and appeal to a research paper.

6. Skillful use of words: Even with all the above mentioned factors in place, your research paper still wouldn’t make an impact if you have not employed skillful use of words. And good writing is not about using long and complex words. With simple words you can prepare a good research paper, if you know how and where to use them.

7. Powerful presentation: The way you arrange your points also matters a lot in a research paper. Weak points, if hidden amongst powerful ones, will look inconspicuous. And strong points, if placed appropriately, would look stronger and more effective.

8. Perfect formatting: The documentation format is also very important in a research paper. You must refer to your project guidelines and format your paper appropriately.

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