A list of good research paper topic idea samples

There are many types of assignments in academia and each one is unique in its nature and specifications. Each aspect related to the assignment would be specific to that type of assignment alone. The topics are among those aspects which define an assignment; hence it must be chosen with due regard to the type of project assigned to you. For research papers, you must find good research topics itself; essay topics or topics for other types of assignments would not qualify as research paper topics. A good research paper topic idea is that which addresses a research problem which has a high scope. And a good thesis is an original theory which has not been considered before.

Examples of good research paper topics

There is no dearth of good research topics in any subject. Whether you are looking for literature topics or computer research paper topics, you will find numerous options to choose from. But before choosing the topic, consider if you know enough of the topic to come up with an original thesis. Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of the research problem, or the topic, you will not be able to find a good thesis against it. Listed below are some examples of good research paper topic ideas.


good research paper topic ideas1. Find a specific area of literature which interests you and study any one of the problem listed under it. You have a wide array of options starting from prose to that of poetry, drama and fiction.

2. There is a very long list of authors; some famous and some lesser known than the others. You can choose any one of the lesser known authors or poets and study their works to figure out why they never made it to the top of the list. What were their shortcomings? What caused their work to be neglected? Was it the lack of skill or creativity or was it just bad luck?


1. Sociology offers a lot of controversial topics for study. ‘The reason for the continuous failure of attempts to raise the social status of women’ is one of the most prominent ones.

2. You can also choose to study the influence of other sciences on sociology. For example, you can probe into how much the economic situation in a country affects the social being of the people there.


1. There are various art forms which are specific to the region where it originated. You can choose to study any one of those in detail and address any one of the issues related to the existence or promotion of the art form.

2. Art history is rich with good research paper topic ideas. You can choose any one of the topics from the art history section, which interests you and fits into the guidelines. The historic transition from ancient art to modern art is an example of a good art history topic.

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