Examples of good research paper topics

Writing a research paper is a regular exercise for students and the frequency of assignments also go up as they move up the educational ladder. Even though research paper assignments are difficult, it can be handled in a stress-free manner if you stay organized from the beginning. There are various stages in research paper writing and not all the stages are equally difficult for all. Some students face trouble with the choice of topic whereas some others have a problem with writing out the research paper. But if you manage to find a good research paper topic for your project, it will make the rest of the work much more enjoyable.

The topics available for research are listed out in libraries and on various websites. You must choose one as per the objective of your assignment. There are various sections in each subject from which you can choose a topic.

English Literature:

• Choose an author and write about his prominent works. If you wish to narrow the topic down any further, choose a particular work and study it in detail, with due regard to the author. Picking good research paper topics wouldn’t be difficult if you are clear about how broad or how narrow you want your topic to be.

• Choose a particular genre and study its specifications or yet choose a particular work and study it in relation to its genre. What you need to figure out is whether you wish to focus on the genre, on a more generalized manner or on a particular work through a narrow perspective.

• Focus on a particular era of literature. There are various factors which are unique to each of the eras. Pick any one factor for your research paper or write on all the unique aspects of the works of that period.


• Study the economy of a particular nation.
• Choose an economic theory to work on. Study it well and present your views on it with adequate evidence.
• Consider studying one of the famous economists and their contribution to the subject area.
• Study any one of the economic sub-disciplines. Remember to pick a point to focus on as most sub-disciplines of economics have further sub-sections.


• Study a work of art with your focus either on the work or the artist.
• Pick an artist and study all his works.
• It would be a good research paper topic to study a specific aspect of the style of an artist or a particular period.

Good research paper topics are in abundance but only if you understand the difference between a good topic and a suitable topic, you can make use of the privilege of choosing it on your own. If you need any kind of assistance with your topic or your research paper, our writers will be able to assist you. Our professional academic writers will be able to prepare a custom research paper for you as per your preferences. Or if you wish to get help with the topic, we can also offer you some good options. What kind of help you want to avail of is all you need to decide; the rest is our job.