How to find good research topics

Understanding the criteria which defines a good research topic is necessary while you are handling a research paper project. Irrespective of the level of education or the subject, all research papers are expected to be written on interesting topics. But the appeal of the topic alone does not qualify it as a good one. There are many aspects which form the criteria of a good topic.

In order to find a good research topic for your academic assignment, you must look for one which:

  • Fits into the guidelines of the assignment. This is the biggest clause which defines a good topic. The guidelines are prepared with the objective of providing a common platform for the judgment of the submissions. Some guidelines offer a choice of topics for the students to pick theirs from and some other specify the kind of topic which should be picked for the research. Study the instructions carefully before searching for the topic.
  • Belongs to the same subject area for which you are preparing the research paper. Many topics are multifaceted and can be dealt with from the perspectives of different subjects. You must make sure that the specific aspect of the topic you choose to study would come under the right subject area. While preparing a research paper for a specific subject, you cannot afford to write on a topic which belongs to another one.
  • Fulfills the objective of the assignment. Each assignment is prepared by teachers with a specific objective in mind. This objective will be mentioned directly or indirectly in the guidelines or hinted at, during lectures. Once you find out the objectives of your projects, it will be easier to find good research topics for the same.
  • Appeals to you. Your interest in the topic highly influences the outcome of the research. There might be circumstances where your choice of topic would be limited to certain areas given by your instructor. In such cases, you might not always be able to find a topic which is of great interest to you. But at the very least, try to find one that you will be able to work on, without getting tired of it. Research is a long process and a topic which doesn’t appeal to you can make it a harrowing experience.

Looking from a neutral perspective, all topics are good for research. But a good topic for a particular assignment is one that suits its requirements and objectives. If you are asked to address a particular level of audience, you must take that into consideration too, while choosing a topic for your research paper. The availability of sources and the deadline are certain other factors which need to be considered while choosing a research topic.

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