A good graduate research paper sample

Writing a graduate research paper in an impressive manner is not easy. There are many aspects which you will need to skillfully incorporate into your paper. In the initial stages of learning the procedure, you will need someone to guide you and some good graduate research paper samples for reference. Samples always give you a better idea of the requirements than guidelines and instructions.

A graduate research paper sample for reference

It is not very easy to perfect your research paper writing skills as no two research projects are same in nature and objectives. Only after handling numerous assignments of varied nature, would you be able to get a grasp of the procedure. But there are many things which you can do to make your graduate research paper more impressive. Getting a grasp of the vital elements of a graduate research paper is the first thing you must do, in order to prepare an impressive paper.

There are many factors which make a graduate research paper successful, if, and only if, the vital elements of the paper are placed appropriately. The graduate research paper sample given below will give you an idea of the basic requirements of a graduate research paper. Please note that this is only the basic format and it will have to be amended to fit in the specifications of the assignments.

• The Title page:Graduate Research Paper Samples

1. The title of the document
2. The name of the author
3. The course title
4. The name of the professor
5. The date of submission

• The abstract:

1. A short description of the topic
2. The hypothesis
3. Mention of the methodology used

• The introduction:

1. Introduces the topic
2. Gives necessary background information
3. Discusses the scope of the research problem
4. Explains the nature of research.
5. States the thesis.

• The body paragraphs:

1. Elaborates on the research problem
2. Discusses the methodology
3. Explains the main stages of research
4. Presents the evidence
5. Justifies the thesis
6. Directs the discussion to the conclusion

• The conclusion:

1. Summarizes the paper
2. Recounts the main evidence
3. Reinstates the thesis
4. Concludes the discussion
5. Opines about the possibility of further research on the topic

Graduate research papers come in all variations – argumentative papers, analytical papers, persuasive research papers and so on. Hence, you will need to work on this basic frame as per the specific nature and requirements of your assignment. You might need to add some optional components like literature review and methodology chapter, if your project guidelines ask for it.

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