How and Why to Perfect your Grammar

Perfecting your written language is most important for the purpose of scoring well in your academic curriculum. But that is not the only advantage of having excellent writing skills. Even though hand written letters have been taken over by e-mails, the medium used for formal communication still remains the same – written  documents.

You need to know how to write well, whether it is the matter of an application for admission to a particular course or a job application. Furthermore, many types of transactions like business proposals also will require good writing skills. Hence, whichever subject you choose to specialize in, writing will always be an added asset to your other skills.

In your academic performance, your writing skills will be used to judge your basic educational merits. Your research papers, term papers and essays will all be of no use if your language is not capable of effectively conveying the matter to the reader. Grammatical errors can change the meaning of the sentence, causing it to either sound completely meaningless or misleading.There are certain factors which are used as the criteria to determine if an assignment is well-written or not.

The most important among those, is the structure of the sentences and the grammar. Once you learn the different types of sentences, you will have to get a start on your grammar. Without knowing the grammar of a language you will not be able to succeed in framing a good sentence even if you know how to frame a sentence. For example, you might be aware that ‘John plays football’ is a simple sentence. But if you are not sure if it is ‘John play’ or ‘John plays’, then the knowledge of the structure will not be good enough. Hence, you will have to learn the structure and the grammar simultaneously. Both are useless without the other.

You will find, when you start learning English grammar, that there is indeed a lot to learn. Starting from the very basic things like, the definition of nouns, verbs, pronouns and adjectives, you will be taken through a long road. On the way, you will be introduced to many inevitable sections of English like active and passive voice, conjunctions, definite article and adverbs. These are just the basics of grammar. Once you are thorough with these, you will have much more to learn before you can actually become a very good writer. You will also be required to understand the usage of punctuations, without which your English learning will always remain incomplete.

You will be able to do well in your writing assignments only if you understand how to write sentences without grammatical errors. After you achieve that, you will be able to experiment with the structures and usages to find out how exactly you can make your writing interesting.Once you have understood how English grammar works, you will be able to apply your writing skills to your academic writing assignments to make them look more interesting and impressive.