What goes into a well-written assignment?

All children start learning the art of writing from the time they begin their formal education. English lessons, like any other language, start off with the basics of the language, which include spellings, grammar and structure. But most students don’t take it seriously enough. They are, most of the time, not aware that good writing skills are better developed at the young age.

Students tend to neglect their language studies, when they start learning other subjects. They forget that without good writing skills they will never be able to progress much in their academic life. As a result, their written language suffers in the later stage of their education. Even when they realize that they need to do something about it, they don’t bother with it, usually due to lack of interest and sometimes due to low confidence levels. But the fact is that it is never too late to learn how to write well.

There is no doubt that writing is a skill. Some are born with it whereas some needs to put in a lot of effort to master it. Even those who have a flair for writing will need to take some trouble to perfect it. It comes naturally to those who have the interest, to find ways of perfecting their writing skills because they enjoy doing it.

But if you don’t consider yourself as someone who is blessed with the ability to write well, then you should do something about it, right from the moment you become aware of the situation. Since no students can escape writing assignments, it is better to do what you can, to make it easier, than to panic and make it even more difficult. If you find yourself facing a writing assignment, not knowing what is to be done and how it can be done, there is a better option than to despair – try and find out how to go about it.

There are a few things which need to come together to create a well-written essay or research paper.

• Well structured sentences.
• Skilfully crafted and well organized paragraphs.
• Sentence and paragraph breaks at the right places.
• Tactful use of phrases and word usages.
• Flawless grammar
• Correct spellings
• Good vocabulary which is simple but effective
• Use of simple words to express even the most complex matters.

And to be able to bring all these together, you will need to have a good grasp of the language and also a fair knowledge of the subject and topic you are handling. It is needless to say that without knowing what you want to convey, no level of good writing skills will help you prepare a good research paper, term paper or any type of writing assignment.

No one will be able to become a good writer over night. It takes a lot of dedication to be able to write well, especially if your effort towards it begins at the later stage of your education. But you should not give up. Considering how necessary it is to acquire good writing skills, it is better done late than never.