Hamlet is one of the most famous tragedies written by William Shakespeare. It is a very common choice for research paper assignments as well. The best way to handle it would be to adhere to the guidelines. Some assignments come with a topic where as some other give you certain options of topics to choose from. Whether the topic is given or not, the task of forming a hypothesis will be left to you. If you are choosing the topic, you might be able to choose one on which you already have a theory. On the other hand, if the topic is pre-assigned, it could possibly be one that you have never thought about before. In which case, your first task would be form a theory about the topic. Without an interesting thesis, a Hamlet research paper will not be impressive.

To determine what the best thesis you could come up with for your Hamlet research paper is, think of how far you can stretch the limits. For example, if the topic is “the love affair between Hamlet and Ophelia”, you must consider what all can be discussed under this topic. You will find many possible angles. Settle on a thesis which is original and strong. The trouble that happens with most of the theses is that they fail to qualify as theses in the first place. For example; “Hamlet is a tragedy themed play” is not a thesis. Nor is it a thesis to say “King Hamlet was murdered by Claudius.” These are known facts which are quite apparent and therefore cannot be considered as a thesis for a Hamlet Research Paper.

On the other hand, you may choose a thesis like “Queen Gertrude’s love for Ophelia was not genuine” as it is a fact which can be considered from both ends. It is possible that Queen Gertrude loved her as she hints on how she wished for her to become Hamlet’s bride. All the same, the way she reacts upon the suicide of Ophelia leaves us to wonder if she actually loved her or not.

Another thing to remember is that you should not pose a question as a thesis. “Was Prince Hamlet the cause of Ophelia’s tragedy or was it her father’s death?” is not a thesis. It is a topic question. “Hamlet was solely responsible for Ophelia’s tragedy” or “Hamlet cannot be accused of being responsible for Ophelia’s death” are the theses which can be formed out of the question.

To be precise, a Hamlet research paper thesis should project an indirect aspect of the play and take a stance on it. The chosen stance should not be an obvious one or a known one. The thesis should be interesting and the presentation appealing to the readers. A good thesis for a research paper on Hamlet would be one that addresses a hidden aspect of the plot or an aspect of which has only been hinted at, by the writer. Remember that forming a thesis would only be the beginning. Proving it impressively is the main task.