It will be very interesting to write a literature research paper if you manage to find a suitable topic. If you are writing a Hamlet research paper, you will have no dearth of topics to write on. Just remember that since research is a process which requires an in-depth study of the topic, it is ideal that you choose a topic you are comfortable with.

There are many angles from which you can deal with your research paper on Hamlet. Using the guidelines as your main tool, short list a few topics and then choose the ones which suit you the best. Some of the topics you can consider for you Hamlet research paper are:

• The plot and sub-plots: Studying the plot from your own perspective and bringing out those aspects of the plot as has not been considered so far is one option you can try for your Hamlet research paper. Shakespeare’s plays are famous, more for their sub-plots than the main ones. It is not easy to untangle the complex sub-plots or put the pieces together to make sense. An analysis of the sub-plots incorporated in the theme of Hamlet will also be a good choice of topic.

• The theme: Hamlet is a tragedy themed play. But that does not mean that the theme is totally void of other emotions. It will prove an interesting topic to study the theme of love or that of the complexity of relations implicated in the play.

• The tragedy: In certain tragedy themed plays you will find the tragedy striking only towards the end or sometimes half-way through the story. But it is not so in Hamlet. The tragedy of Hamlet lies not only in the fact that even the positive characters end tragically but also due to many other aspects of the play. While studying the play with a focus on the tragic theme, you will come across many aspects that escaped your eye before. You can choose one specific tragic aspect which is not the most obvious one for your Hamlet research paper.

• The characters: A character analysis would be an excellent topic for a research paper on Hamlet. You may choose any one of the characters including that of the ghost of King Hamlet, for the purpose.

• The affair between Hamlet and Ophelia: The love which died before it could bloom due to unfavorable circumstances will prove a worthy topic to discuss. You can discuss what went wrong and when it started going wrong or you can consider whether it ever went wrong at all. You can also discuss how the love got lost in the tragic events in the play.

• The tragedy of Ophelia: One of the tragic stories which got shadowed by the bigger tragedy of Prince Hamlet is that of Ophelia. Turning the spotlight on Ophelia and her tragic life would prove an excellent topic for a Hamlet research paper. Looking at the story from Ophelia’s point of view would be a good approach.

These are just a few suggestions on what kind of topics you can find in Hamlet. There is no end to the possible topics you can explore for a Hamlet research paper. You can make the best out of your research paper on Hamlet by choosing an interesting topic and presenting it well.