Most people are familiar with the story line of Hamlet. But very few students take the trouble to study the characters in detail. But when it comes to writing a research paper, the characters other than the main one, prove excellent topics for research. Prince Hamlet is the central character of the play Hamlet. But unless you have any fresh angle to project, you will not find much to write on other than what has already been written on. On the other hand, the other characters who are less discussed and researched on might give you more to write about in your Hamlet research paper.

Even though Ophelia’s life is portrayed as the most tragic one, she just ends up being remembered as one of the reasons of Prince Hamlet’s tragedy. Her individual life, which is as significant as Hamlet’s often gets shadowed by the central theme of the tragedy of Prince Hamlet. This is also due to the fact that she is not present in the play for the majority of it. Her character’s intensity and depth, if highlighted, can fill many pages and be an interesting topic for you Hamlet research paper.

The character of Ophelia loves Prince Hamlet and believes that he loves her the same way. But she is confused by the fact that her brother and father do not approve of their relationship. It is apparent that, even though their warnings about Hamlet bother her, it doesn’t affect her love for the prince. Later in the play Hamlet rushes into her room looking insane and tells her that he will never marry her. But Ophelia, even though heartbroken and confused, refuses to believe that Hamlet doesn’t love her. Instead she chooses to believe that he has, indeed, gone insane.

Ironically, we find Ophelia in a state of madness after her father is killed by Hamlet. Even though the reason for her madness is projected to be her father’s death, there are hints in the words she utter in her madness, of her having lost her virginity. Considering that she was loyal to Hamlet it is to be taken for granted that if it is true, none but Hamlet could have been involved. Her songs and actions during her phase of madness are also debated to have hinted at a pregnancy. To add to the tragedy of her life, she meets a death which is not satisfactorily explained in the play.

Her death, debated to have been a suicide than an accident, happens to be her exit from the story as well. But her character lives on till the end of the story through the grudge her brother, Laertes, has towards Hamlet for her sake. There are many aspects about Ophelia that you can focus on for your Hamlet research paper. It could be her unrelenting love for Hamlet, the cause of her unexpected madness or her unexplained death. Or yet, you can focus on the life of a girl who got caught between Hamlet’s personal dilemma and her own unconditional love for him.

Understanding the character alone is no enough while handling a writing assignment. Being able to convey your points effectively would also matter to a great extent. If you are not sure of how to put your thoughts into the most appropriate words, you can opt to get a custom research paper written, for your Hamlet research paper assignment.