Writing assignments in literature are quite tough considering that all aspects of your writing will be judged. Unlike science subjects, literature can’t be learned by heart from the pages of your text and repeated. While studying a language as a main subject you are expected to know how to use them, not just effectively but also, beautifully. Writing assignments on Shakespeare plays are quite a challenge as you are trying to write on one of the greatest writers world has ever seen. Hamlet is one of the most famous plays by Shakespeare and is a part of most literature courses. Writing a Hamlet research paper will most certainly be an interesting task but not necessarily an easy one.

The structure is the first thing to put right in your research paper. A good introduction not only creates a good impression but also opens an interesting discussion. While you are writing your Hamlet research paper, consider what your audience would require, to be able to follow your discussion easily. Think of what kind of information you can give them without revealing too much about your research paper. Being just as informative as is necessary and as elusive as possible will be the ideal criteria for an introduction to a literature research paper.

Hamlet, considering it is a play by Shakespeare, can be studied from various perspectives. Hence your introduction should explain which aspect of the play is going to be discussed. If it is a technical aspect, then it should be made clear in the introduction. Or if you are going to talk of a particular stanza or a character, that should also be revealed in the introduction. Basically, you should use your introductory paragraph to give your readers an idea of the content of your research paper.

The thesis of your Hamlet research paper should be stated as the last line of your introductory paragraph. Even though there are certain types of writing assignments which permit the omission of a thesis statement, a research paper, most certainly, isn’t one of them. A research paper should have an objective and it is mandatory for it to be stated in the introductory paragraph. It should be clear and precise. It would be the focal point of your research on the play. Hence it should be stated legibly enough for the audience to understand.

There are various levels of literary knowledge. It is necessary that your introduction is aimed at a specific audience with due consideration to their knowledge of the topic. It is best to prepare your introduction in a language that would suit all levels of audience; neither too complex nor too simple. The main challenge with writing an introductory paragraph is that it should be informative but very short. It will be rather tough to cut a Hamlet research paper introduction short because of the elaborate nature of literary writing. But precise writing is also a skill which a literature student should possess.

A good Hamlet research paper introduction should be precise, informative, interesting and well-written. A good introduction is the easiest way to generate interest in your audience. So remember to pay enough attention to this part of your research paper.