The body paragraphs of a research paper serve the purpose of binding the parts of the research paper structure, as well as that of containing the main discussion. The introduction and the conclusion are linked together through the discussion in the body of the assignment. So this part of the research paper is as important as the rest. While preparing a Hamlet research paper you will be dealing with the difficult task of interpreting the imagination of the world’s most celebrated playwright, William Shakespeare. Capturing the essence of the play in the body paragraphs is the challenge you would be facing.

There are various angles from which Hamlet can be studied. The nature of the body paragraphs of your Hamlet research paper would depend on the type of assignment you are preparing as well as the topic you are handling. There is no specific pattern which is mandatory for a literature research paper. The criterion is the way you write and the way you present the topic. The body paragraphs are the platforms or tables on which you can discuss your theory, spread out your evidence, link one to the other and prove your point.

In the first body paragraph of your Hamlet research paper, you should ideally discuss your thesis or a part of it. That way you will be able to link the last line of the introduction, which is the thesis statement, to the first body paragraph. It will also give you a good opening into the coming discussion of the particular aspect of the topic. The rest of the body paragraphs would explain the study in detail, justify your reasoning, spread out the evidence and present the research findings.

Hamlet, as all the other works of Shakespeare, is complex in its plot and the each of the lines carries many interpretations. If you are dealing with a literary aspect of the play, you will have to untangle the plot first and then link it to your theory. While doing this, consider the intellectual level of your audience. Your explanation should be aimed at none but the specific audience. For example, if it is going to be read by your professor, then you will have to consider what level of detailing would be expected of you and write accordingly.

The plot of the play Hamlet is, as you must already know, a tragedy themed one. Hence while framing the body of your research paper try to focus on this aspect of the play which is also one of its main classifications. That will also help you to contain the essence of the play.

Literature research papers are not just an evaluation of your knowledge of the topic but also that of your language and writing skills which are equally important in literary education. Even the smallest of grammatical or spelling mistakes will look magnified in a literature assignment. Keep the transitions between paragraphs smooth enough and make sure to link the last body paragraph effectively to the conclusion.

Through the body paragraphs of a Hamlet research paper you must not only prove your theory but also give your audience an idea of the plot and the characters. Make sure that you have included all the points in the body paragraphs itself as fresh points cannot be given in a research paper conclusion.