Shakespeare’s works, even though absolutely fascinating, are not easy to study. They are mostly of very complex plots and sub-plots, confusingly intertwined and with characters which play more than one role. Hamlet is no different. Hence, while writing a Hamlet research paper it is necessary to make it comprehensible enough to the audience. The best way to do it is to structure the document well. The introduction, body and conclusion should all be filled in with the right kind of details and points. The conclusion, even though the last paragraph of your research paper, is not any less important.

To make the conclusion of your Hamlet research paper, effective enough, you must put together a strong and bold declaration of the theory you stated in the introductory paragraph. Do not elaborate on the theory much, as it has already been done in the body paragraphs. A clear and concise statement is ideal for the purpose. While stating the theory or thesis in the conclusion, you need to support it with all the relevant points you presented in the body paragraphs.

Hence, in your Hamlet research paper conclusion, your first task is to include a summary of all the main points in your research paper. The fact that it is difficult to compress the points of a long play like Hamlet is justified. But since a conclusion can’t be very long, you are left with no choice. The solution is to omit those points which are less relevant. While relating points in a story you can manage to make certain aspects obvious through linking two other points.

For example; instead of saying, “The last time Hamlet visited Ophelia, he was in an insane mood. He then started talking as though in a delirium. Whatever he said was indicative of…” in a conclusion you can make do by saying “Hamlet’s delirious speech during his final visit to Ophelia was indicative of…”. It is crisp and better suited for a concluding paragraph.

Also, make sure that you have wound up your theory pretty neatly in the last line of your conclusion. Do not leave the feeling that there was more to be said. Do not end it abruptly. Since literature assignments involve a lot of word play, it is important to make sure that the conclusion does not convey that the discussion is ‘to be continued’. The conclusion of your Hamlet research paper should definitely put a full-stop to your discussion of the topic.

Keep the concluding paragraph short enough. Detailing in the conclusion can distract the reader from your successful declaration of the proved thesis. Do not mention any fresh names or points in the conclusion unless those mentioned and discussed in the body.

The structure of a research paper is not just aimed at organizing the points but it is also meant to make it easier for the reader to follow the writer. Each part of the structure has a different purpose. The conclusion, as is evident from the name, should effectively conclude the discussion. The step-by-step development of the theory of your Hamlet research paper can be made clear only through a well-structured research paper.