Academic assignments come with different kinds of instructions on how to prepare the project. Some assignments leave the option of choosing the topic to the student while some others come with pre-assigned topics. If you have been given the liberty of choosing your health research paper topic, then there are a few of them which you could consider, according to the guideline instructions.

Even though we associate the word health mostly with medicine and diseases, it is not exactly a subject restricted to medical students. There are various topics which come under this section. Various illnesses are the most obvious topics. But the diseases, the causes and the treatments are all subjects related to medical science. If you are a medical student then you will have absolutely no dearth of topics for your health research paper as health is the main focus of medical science.

There are more generalized topics on health as well. You can choose to do research on a topic related to the habits which are proved to be hazardous to health. Even after wide-spread awareness of the issue, smoking and alcohol consumption still remains the most dangerous habits of all. Tobacco chewing is also another habit which can have bad effects on your health. You can conduct a research on why, even after so many warnings, youngsters still take to these bad habits.

You may do a comparative analysis of modern and traditional medicine and list out the positive and negative aspects of both. Since the traditional medicine of each country is different from that of another, you will have a reasonable number of sub-sections to choose from, within this topic. You may also write on any of the widely acknowledged medical solutions like Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Allopathy and present your view on the various aspects related to it. Today, we also hear a lot about healing methods like Reiki healing, which is better known as the ‘energy healing method’. It will prove a good topic to write on why such a method is not as well acknowledged as it should be.

Health research paper topics do not end with medical solutions. You can also research on the health conditions in rural areas and the main hurdles faced by people who are trying to improve the situation. Another topic in the same area would be the health awareness among rural people. Pregnancy, childbirth, maternal and fetal mortality rate, family planning and related topics also qualify as health research paper topics.

You may also write on obesity related issues, as it has become one of the biggest concerns of developed nations like U.S. You could choose to research on the side effects of various cosmetic surgeries available in today’s world. Another option would be to figure out why there is such a sudden rise in the number of people who opt for cosmetic surgery. You could argue about whether it is due to the fact that these treatments have become more economical or if it is due to lack of awareness of the possible side effects.

There is no dearth of topics for a health research paper. This is  just a very small percentage of them,  meant only to give you an idea  of the health research paper topics that has been listed. All you need to do is choose the one which will fit into all the aspects mentioned in your research paper guidelines.