Out of the various types of writing assignments given to high school students, research paper writing is one of the most challenging ones. Research oriented assignments can be handled well only with proper time-management and dedication to the assigned task. High school research papers are not only aimed at assessing your proficiency in the subject but also in teaching you how to organize yourself.

It is always better to handle your research paper assignments systematically. Most students find research paper writing a very difficult task only because they do not take their assignment seriously. There are various stages in the systematic method of writing a research paper. The first one is that of choosing the topic. Some assignments might come with a pre-assigned topic but most of them don’t.

The first and most important thing to be considered while choosing a topic for your high school research paper is the assignment guidelines. Guidelines are meant to provide a common platform for your teacher to judge the assignments. Hence it is very important to stick to them without fail. If you have any clarifications regarding the instructions you should consult your teacher before proceeding with the assignment. The topic should come within the given instructions on the type and the kind of research paper to be written. Look for clues regarding the best choice of topic, in the guidelines.

Consider the topic in relation to the subject you are dealing with. Identifying the topic involves determining a topic and also deciding on the view you wish to take on the chosen topic. The stance you decide to take on the topic is as important as the topic itself because your thesis will be based on your perspective of the topic. Choose a stance which you can prove. Trying out the difficult angles are also fine if you have the patience to work through it and enough time to complete the research. But if you choose a difficult topic and find it impossible to handle half-way through your research procedure, you will not be able to change it. So choose wisely.

The deadline of the assignment is another factor you should consider while choosing the topic. If the deadline is tight, choose a topic that you are familiar with. If the deadline is far enough then you may consider experimenting with topics.

Before choosing the topic, find out if the necessary sources for your research are available in your school library or any library you have access to. Without reliable and strong sources you may not be able to prove your theory impressively. And unless you have easy access to all the necessary sources you will not be able to stick to your schedule.

The topic you choose will be the most important factor of your research paper assignment. Hence consider all the aspects of the topic before closing in on one. Once you learn the basic factors which contribute to a suitable topic, a high school research paper assignment will be an easy enough task.