As a high school student you should seize the opportunity to learn how to handle research paper assignments efficiently, while preparing your high school research papers. You should make the best out of your high school assignments because as you progress in your studies you will be handling tougher versions of the same kind of assignments. It is always easier to get used to them at high school level as you will be offered better guidance by your teachers.

While writing a research paper you have to pay attention to every minute detail of the assignment. The guidelines will instruct you on how to go about writing your research paper. But there will be certain basic aspects which will not be mentioned in the guidelines. You will be expected to know such basic things about writing and if not you will have to find these out on your own. One such point which is never mentioned in the guidelines but which is very important is the structure of a research paper. All types of writing assignments are supposed to have a structure which will hold the points together and make it easy for the reader to follow it. The parts of a research paper can be classified into an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

The introduction is the first paragraph in which you will give the reader an idea of what your high school research paper is all about. It is very important not to give too less or too much information in the introduction. The first line of the introduction should discuss the topic you are dealing with. This should be mentioned in relation to the subject which forms the base of the topic you are handling. One thing to note here is that the same topic will have different angles when handled in relation to different subjects.

The next line should give the reader a brief back ground sketch of the topic. If the topic is an independent one with nothing peculiar about the background, you may omit that part. But any relevant background knowledge on the topic would make your introduction more informative and interesting. The next thing to be mentioned in the introduction is the methodology you used for your research. You not need to elaborate on it. All you need to do is mention it as briefly as possible. The thesis statement would complete your introductory paragraph. In the thesis statement, you will state the theory you are about to address and prove. Your theory should be compressed into a single line to be used as the statement.

The introduction should be a brief paragraph of no more than five sentences. All the points you mention in the introduction should be presented in a concise manner. Since it is the first paragraph of the assignment, it will give the reader the first impression of your high school research paper. Hence, to create that first good impression, you should construct an introduction which will make the reader feel that your research paper is worth reading.