High school research papers are aimed at making students familiar with the task of research paper writing. At this stage, when guidance and help will be easier to come-by, than higher levels, students get an opportunity to learn the skill without the pressure of advanced level research papers. Research papers in high school level are also to be written in the correct manner with all the parts and sections in place.

A research paper structure needs an introduction, the body paragraphs and a conclusion. This is the standard structure of almost all formal documents. There are certain approved types of content for each of these parts. The conclusion, even though it is the last paragraph of the document, is as important as any other section. You can even say that it is the most important part. In the conclusion, you wind up your discussion on the research procedure and thesis and declare the results of your research. This result should be positive. Otherwise your research paper would serve no purpose at all.

There are certain features of a research paper conclusion that would make it look more impressive and give it the power to justify the rest of the research paper. You might be aware that your introductory paragraph will include a thesis statement which will state your theory on the topic. It is this theory which you are expected to establish in your conclusion. So the first point to note about a research paper conclusion is that it should tally with your introductory statement.

Precise writing skills are inevitable to manage a powerful conclusion because it should not be too lengthy. Even though the conclusion is expected to be short, it will contain more information than the introduction. In order to mould an effective conclusion for your high school research paper, you will need to squeeze out the essence of the entire research paper. The sources, the level of support offered by them, the research methodology and any other important point which is there in your research paper should be touched in the conclusion. These, together, should not be more than two or three lines.

The main part of the conclusion of your high school research paper would be the stating of the successfully proved theory. Hence keep the rest of the information, given in the conclusion, as precise as possible. The theory or thesis stated in the introduction as your opinion should have turned into an established fact by the time you reach your conclusion. The thesis stated in the conclusion should be a bold declaration of your theory. For your conclusion to be effective and impressive, it should have been build slowly and steadily using relevant and substantial evidence. Without the support of an excellent presentation of your research and its outcome, your conclusion will not be effective. It also works the other way. A very impressive research paper can be ruined by a lousy conclusion.

Remember that each part of a research paper is equally important. A precise conclusion which reflects confidence and authority will be the most effective one. If you need any more help with writing your high school research paper, our academic writers shall be able to help you.