A title, being the most prominent part of any document, is to be chosen carefully. While writing high school research papers, you should learn to pay attention to even the finest details of each of the several parts of a research paper document. Choosing an interesting and appropriate title would be one of the toughest parts of research paper writing.

There are various factors to be taken into consideration while choosing a title for your research paper. It is not necessary for you to pick one before you start writing the paper. The title can be chosen at the beginning if you are sure of what you are going to write about. But the best time to choose the title is after you have completed writing your research paper. At that point you will know exactly how your assignment has turned out to be. Accordingly you can choose a title which is appropriate for your high school research paper.

The most important of all the factors that make a good title is that it should be reflective of the content. But remember that you cannot make it elaborate. It has to be very precise. A complete sentence would not look good as a title. It should not be a question or a declaration either. A question not look like a title and it is too early to make a declaration. A phrase which is capable of standing independently and which can efficiently convey the matter discussed in the research paper would fit into the description of an appropriate title. Do not use the topic as it is, as your title. The topic should be stretched to make sense of the theory you are working on, to become an effective title.

While stretching the topic of your high school research paper into a title, try not to use irrelevant and insignificant words. You will find words like ‘a study of’ or ‘a research into’, being used commonly for titles. It does not create a good impression to use such phrases as part of the title because it is understood that a research paper involves a research or a study. There is no need to repeat the obvious fact in the title. Instead, pick the most interesting aspect of your theory to attach to the topic in order to stretch it into an interesting title.

Do not use any abbreviations anywhere in the title. The title should comprise of complete words. Also, it should make complete sense as a separate sentence. Since it is not a complete sentence, you will have to make sure that it is legible and comprehensible. You should not leave a chance for the reader to read your title and wonder what it is all about. And even after reading your research paper, the reader should be able to relate the content to the title easily.

A good high school research paper title is that which will project the essence of your research paper. Finding it may not be easy but the trouble you put into it is worth it.