High school research papers will be graded depending on various factors. The research paper rubric will be most certainly shared with you, at high school level, to give you a better understanding of the judging criteria. If you understand the rubric pattern and the grading criteria it will help you to a great extent in performing well in your assignment.

Research paper rubrics change with each assignment when it comes to advanced level research papers. But at high school level the criteria remain more or less the same, as you are still at the learning stage of research paper writing. There are certain factors which are a part of almost all rubrics for high school research papers.

If the topic is not pre-assigned, your choice of topic will become a part of your research paper rubric. In such cases where the topic is not given by the teacher, there will be instructions regarding the selection of the topic. Points will be given according to how well you have stuck to the instructions while choosing the topic. The rubric will specify the aspects which will determine the points.

Another important factor which will be included in the rubric would be that of the style of writing. The documentation style is one of the most important factors of research paper writing. Hence your paper will most certainly be judged on how well you have stuck to the instructions on the style. The style will include the formatting as well as citation methods. You will also need to check the guidelines for any specific instructions on any alterations required in the style as is suggested in the style manual.

The structure of the research paper and the contents that has gone into each part of the structure will be included in the grading criteria. The introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion are supposed to be framed according to the usual standards. The thesis statement and the emphasis on the statement in the conclusion will all be a part of the criteria with which your research paper would be judged.

Flawless language is another aspect which will be a part of a high school research paper rubric. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and structural flaws will not be pardoned in any research paper. Hence points will be deducted for poor language and bad writing style. Again, the specifications will have to be determined from the given rubric.

The research paper sources are always a part of a research paper rubric. Sources are an inevitable part of research paper writing. There will be instructions in the guidelines regarding the types of sources which can be used for the assignment. Your understanding of these instructions will be clear by your choice of sources. Hence you will be graded separately in the rubric for your choice of sources.

Understanding a rubric will most certainly assist you in scoring better for your high school research paper. Hence you should always clarify any doubts you may have regarding your research paper rubric with your teacher.