History research papers are not the easiest of assignments to handle. It can get quite frustrating to go back in time and dig among facts which look extremely complicated. Considering that your audience would also be listening to information which might be new to them you should put in extra effort to make your research paper as organized as possible. Good presentation will not only help the audience to follow your paper but it will also assist you to make an effortless presentation.

The structure of a research paper contributes to the clarity of the presentation, to a great extent. Hence each part of the structure should be constructed with due attention to its objective. A research paper conclusion, which is the last paragraph of a research paper, carries as much importance as the rest of them, if not more. There are some common aspects about research paper conclusions which apply to a history research paper conclusion also.

A research paper conclusion should be a single paragraph of around 5 -8 sentences depending upon the length of the research paper. It should reinstate the thesis mentioned in the introduction with the support of the most important points in the rest of your research paper. The thesis which is given in your research paper conclusion should sound final as you have finished explaining your point. The authoritative voice of your thesis statement in the conclusion is what would leave the final impression in the minds of your audience.

A history research paper conclusion might not be easy to frame as historical data is full of dates and names. Since the conclusion of a research paper is not to exceed a paragraph, it is necessary to compress the points into short sentences. This is where you will face some trouble as names and dates are not easy to be compressed. Hence, while preparing a history research paper conclusion, try to find points which contain minimal mention of dates and names, in order to make it easier to compress. Or if you feel that the best points are the ones with a long list of names and dates, try to choose just one or two of them to present in the conclusion. A very long conclusion will distract the readers from the main concept. Long discussions look good only in body paragraphs.

Considering that your audience will be facing the same trouble of following date and age specific information, make sure that you are very clear about what you are saying. Your history research paper conclusion should contain only the points which were elaborately discussed in the body paragraphs. Any mention of a fresh date or personality in your conclusion will completely throw your audience of their track and leave your research paper conclusion looking abrupt. And abrupt is one thing your conclusion should never be.

Without a strong and well written conclusion, you may not be able to prove the theory of your history research paper, effectively. And if the theory is not proved, your research paper will fail in its purpose. Hence, never take a chance with your research paper conclusion.