A good understanding of the rubric of your assignment will help you in giving your research paper the kind of perfection expected of it. The grading criterion is highly dependent on the level of education, the subject, the style and the kind of topic you are dealing with. But there are a few basic points which will be part all history research paper rubrics.

Since history deals with the past and is based on evidence related to dates, unless the research paper abides to the guidelines perfectly, your professor or the committee would not be able to follow you. Hence it forms one of the main parts of your history research paper rubric to evaluate your submission in terms of your compliance to the instructions in the guidelines. You are expected to pay attention to even the finest detail of the given instructions.

The structure of your history research paper will be another point included in the rubric. Due to the time-specific nature of history researches, it is extremely difficult to follow data which has not been arranged properly. Hence good and well-organized presentation is absolutely necessary for a research paper in history. For the same reason, your research paper will be evaluated on how well you have organized your points neatly into the various parts of your research paper structure.

The style of writing also plays a very important role in the impression created by your submission. Your guidelines will most certainly mention the documentation style to be used for your research paper. Each documentation style has its own rules and methods. Your understanding of the style and the application of it in your research paper would be a part of your research paper rubric.

Your thesis will be another definite part of your research paper rubric. The thesis you present should be clear, precise, fresh, insightful and written in flawless language. The argument you present in your thesis should undoubtedly be a reasonable one. Your theory should have evolved out of the specific aspect of the topic you are dealing with. These aspects of your thesis will be judged against the points declared in the rubric.

The relevance of your sources and evidence would be another judging criterion of your history research paper. It is extremely difficult to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources, especially when it comes to history. Hence your choice of the appropriate sources and the use to which you have put them will be used for judging your research paper. You are also expected to cite every single source which you have used, according to the method advised by the style manual of your research paper style. Points will be awarded for the accuracy of citation methods as well.

The rubric should be used for reference before you start preparing your rough draft and after you have finished preparing the final draft. Even if you have studied the rubric before writing the research paper, it is necessary that you cross check the aspects after you complete your assignment also. You can evaluate your completed history research paper using the rubric. Use the rubric to make the necessary changes to make your work, perfect and impressive.