While dealing with a history research paper, one task you might find difficult is that of choosing the most suitable topic. There is no dearth of good topics under the subject of history. But the most interesting topic may not be the most suitable one for you. If you know the difference between an interesting topic and a suitable one, it need not be so difficult for you to make the decision.

There are different types of topics that you will find under the subject:

• Region specific: Each nation has its own unique history. Hence if you wish to pursue the history of a particular region you will find many topics under the category of each country, to choose from. Some examples of the main category are American history, African history and Indian history.

• Age specific: In the section which discusses history under the classification of ages, you will find ancient, medieval and modern historical topics. These would also prove to be interesting topics for your history research paper. Under the main classification of ages, you will find more sub-categories and topics to research on.

• Wars: A major portion of the section of historical documents is taken by data related to wars and other topics related to wars like war tactics, treaties and so on. Since there are so many facts which are still not established satisfactorily, you will find that there is no dearth of topics in this section either. If you are interested in studying topics related to war, you should consider one from that section.

• Revolutions: History has witnessed more than a reasonable number of revolutions, all over the world. There are so many aspects to study about revolutions that it still remains one of the most researched topics. The general causes, the immediate causes and the post-revolutionary changes are all very interesting topics to research on.

• Prominent names in history: There are many people who have found their places in historical records for positive and negative reasons. Studying these personalities and finding evidence for the debated facts on them would be interesting. If you choose to write your history research paper on one of them, there is one aspect you should consider before starting the research. Think of whether you want to study the person from the angle of a particular incident or a biographical perspective covering all the historical events the person was involved in.

• Genocides and nuclear attacks: Genocides, even on being such a heinous crime, has occurred over and over again, in history. It has been a shame to humanity as to how cold-heartedly these murders were committed. Innocent humans have been murdered for unjustifiable purposes like racism, power and ego. Choosing one of the available topics under this section would be good if you have the courage to take a close look at such an event.

These are only a few of the innumerable options of topics history offers for research. But while choosing the topic for your research paper, remember to study the guidelines and make sure that you abide to all the instructions given in the guidelines. A history research paper would be an interesting assignment if you pay attention to the basic aspects like the topic and the guidelines.