There are students who are very good at the subjects they are studying. But not all of them know how to put their knowledge into words which will successfully convey the matter. Art subjects like history are fully dependent on words for communication, unlike science topics which can be illustrated with solid matter. Hence the topics in history will have to be presented skillfully in research papers and other writing assignments. Each part of a history research paper should be written with the objective of conveying the matter effectively.

Once you have introduced your topic in the introduction, you are now facing the most difficult part of presenting your theory elaborately. The body paragraphs stretches over the majority of your research paper. You will be presenting your argument, explaining it, discussing it and taking it to the conclusion, in the body paragraphs. Without proper planning you shall not be able to manage it successfully.

Since discussions on historical topics involve so many dates and names, unless arranged neatly into separate paragraphs, it will not make any sense to your audience. Use an outline to arrange points into separate body paragraphs. Once elaborated, points will be difficult to be moved. Once you have organized your points, go through it to see if you will be able to develop them into an effective argument. If it seems good enough, you should start elaborating on each of them using appropriate descriptions.

The most important thing to remember while preparing the body paragraphs of your history research paper is that the points should flow smoothly and link logically together. The transition between paragraphs should be smooth enough for your audience to be able to follow you. At the stage of organizing your points, arrange them in such a way that there is no sudden change in the direction in which you are heading. Flash-backs look good in movies but while writing on a subject that deals with the past events it may not be of much help. If at all you need to go back to some point which was mentioned in the beginning, do it skillfully so as to avoid confusing your audience.

Use the first line of each of your paragraphs to introduce the point you are going to discuss in the paragraph. If there is one point which is not big enough to be elaborated into a single paragraph, add it to the one before it or after it. But try to avoid it as points are at their best when standing alone.

The sources you are using to prove your history research paper thesis will also be presented in the body paragraphs. You can choose to start one or two of your body paragraphs by quoting a source. But don’t do it with all of them as it would sound repetitive. And remember to cite the source as per the style guidelines.

Your history research paper will not be effective without good presentation. And good presentation requires excellent writing skills. You also need to learn how to organize your points in such a way as to bring out the best in them. If you have excellent points but do not know how to present them you can use professional help in preparing your research paper.