A thesis, as you may already be aware of, is the objective of your research paper. It is your view or theory on the topic of your research paper. The same applies to history research papers also. But the nature of the thesis changes along with the type of research paper and the subject you are dealing with. Even so, there are a few basic aspects you should know while writing your history research paper.

The thesis will be stated more than once in your research paper. It will appear in your abstract, your introduction and your conclusion also. Whereas it will be placed as the last line of your introduction, it will be used as the first line of your conclusion. These places have been given to the thesis statement in order to maintain the link between the three parts of the research paper structure.

The main thing to understand about your thesis is that it is the essence or the focal point of your research paper. Your entire document revolves around the one line that you state in your introduction. So it has to be prepared with utmost care. It so happens, sometimes, that by the time you reach your conclusion, you realize that the thesis you stated in the introduction doesn’t tally with the theory revealed by your research. It is absolutely permissible to rewrite the thesis statement to match your conclusion. But it will not be allowed to present a thesis which is not successfully established in your conclusion.

A common problem that happens with history research paper theses is that it often sounds vague and unfocused. That causes it to be disqualified as a thesis. Unlike science subjects where everything works on principles, in art subjects it is difficult to find a focus with which to frame a thesis. But without a strong and clear thesis you will not be able to prepare a good research paper. Hence it is important to find a strong foothold on your topic and place your focus firmly on it to come out with a good thesis for your history research paper.

The thesis should be compressed into a single line. This line should be written very clearly to avoid leaving your audience confused about what your paper is all about. Your thesis is the argument you are placing. In a history research paper, it will be based on a historical event or person. Do not try to hastily write your thesis statement. Consider all the aspects before you state your thesis.

• Is your theory based on a clearly historical problem or topic?
• Does your thesis clearly indicate the problem?
• Is it too generalized to qualify as a thesis?

A thesis which is not specific will not be considered a thesis. Generalized points do not make a thesis. Only your theory on the topic would do to build a strong thesis statement. For example; ‘a study of the unidentified causes of the third world war’ is not a thesis. It is just the topic. But the thesis would be those unidentified causes which your study revealed to you.

If you are not being able to frame a strong thesis statement for your history research paper, you should consider taking help from academic experts to complete your research paper assignment.