Tips on preparing Holocaust research papers

The main challenge involved in writing a Holocaust research paper is that of producing a paper that is fresh and interesting to the audience. Since it is one of the most researched topics in history, most aspects have already been covered by scholars. Only a completely fresh and original perspective would be able to generate interest in the audience. But as it is a historical incident, it would be unwise to experiment with the thesis. You need solid facts and substantial evidence to support the thesis you state in your paper. Unless you are sure of being able to gather the necessary amount of information and evidence, you must not attempt to write a research paper on holocaust.

Working on a Holocaust paper

Holocaust Research Paper  The Holocaust is one of the most controversial topics of all times, mainly because people have contradictory views and conflicting opinions on the matter. Yet it is used for all types of research papers including argumentative, analytical and biographical ones as the topic has the potential to be probed from various angles. The topic is highly sensitive and has maintained its position among the most favorite topics for historical researches. That does not mean it is researched only from a historical perspective. Holocaust research papers come up in many other subjects as well.

Some suggestions of topics for a research paper on Holocaust

There is no dearth of topics to be researched on about Holocaust. What matters is that you are able to come up with an original and impressive thesis on the topic you choose. In other words, the depth or complexity of the research question you choose would not help in making your research paper impressive, if you are not able to answer it satisfactorily. Some topics which you can consider for your Holocaust research papers are:

1. Hitler’s motive behind his efforts of wiping out an entire community. Why didn’t he consider relocating them or binding them with some kind of treaty?
2. How did Nazi’s manage to imprison a community of six million with least resistance?
3. How is it justified that the Holocaust avenged the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ?
4. Did the Jews fight back at any point? If yes, where and how did they fail? How could they have protected themselves from what followed?
5. Some non-Jews are said to have tried to save the Jews. How much of the task was accomplished?
6. The inhuman methods used for the persecution of the Jews other than that of the gas chamber. Is it true that some of them were burnt alive?

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