The guidelines of your Holocaust research paper must be your primary concern while choosing a topic for the project. The research papers submitted by the students would all be judged using the common criteria given in the guidelines. Hence only by choosing a topic which is well within the limits suggested by your Holocaust research paper guidelines, your submission would be accepted. The various aspects related to Holocaust are studied from various angles. The suitable topic for you would depend on your educational level as well as the subject you are studying.

Here are some examples of Holocaust topics. But before finalizing the topic, remember to cross-check it with the instructions given in the Holocaust research paper guidelines.

• The reason why Hitler decided to wipe out the race instead of relocating them to some remote area still remains obscure. There are assumptions on Hitler’s fears of the Jews affecting his free reign of Germany but it is still a controversial topic. It would prove to be an interesting topic to write on Hitler’s motives behind the genocide.

• The methods used for persecuting the Jews are another aspect you could write on. Even though the main method of execution has been recorded as that of the gas chambers, there are rumors about how some were burnt alive and some others shot dead. It has to be understood that the method of executing the Jews depended fully on the fancy of the Nazis. You will be able to put together a good research paper on the topic, if you manage to gather evidence on the methods other than the gas chambers. But do not do the mistake of writing on gas chambers. It will not qualify as a research paper topic as it is an established fact.

• The level of resistance put up by the Jews also is a topic you could investigate. How the Nazis managed to take over a community of six million people is something that cannot logically be reasoned. Does it mean the Jews didn’t resist the invasion at all? Or did they try and fail? What caused them to fail? These questions would prove interesting research topics if it will fit into your Holocaust research paper guidelines.

• Another topic you could consider is that of writing on any of the non-Jews who tried to save the Jews. You may go deeper into the facts on how far they succeeded and what all they did to try and save the Jews. It will also be interesting to research into the number of non-Jews who were persecuted for helping the Jews.

• The tortures endured by the captured Jewish women would be a good topic as well.

There are many more topics which can be explored under the topic of Holocaust. But make sure that it matches your level of education. You wouldn’t want to write on a high-school level topic for a college assignment.

Choosing the best topic for a research paper assignment is a matter of efficient judgment. Since Holocaust is a topic which is studied from so many perspectives, adhering to all the instructions in your Holocaust research paper guidelines is very important.