An answer to ‘How do I write research papers in APA format?’

You might have asked yourself ‘How do I write a research paper in APA format?’ at least once, if you are a sociology or psychology student and new to research paper writing; APA format is the most preferred format for the documentation of academic papers in sociology and psychology. Learning to document research papers as per a particular style will not be easy. You will not only need to learn the methods of presenting your paper but you will also need to update yourself on the changes which are occasionally applied to the format.

Finding out the answer to ‘How do I write research papers in APA format?’

How do I Write a Research Paper in APA FormatThe task of writing research papers are as difficult as that of doing the research as there are many things to be observed while documenting research data. The documentation style is among the most important factors involved in the research paper writing process. Hence, instead of wasting time pondering on the question ‘How do I write a research paper in APA style?’, you must try to learn its nature and attributes at the earliest. That way, the time allotted for your research projects would not be wasted in figuring out the style. The APA style, the MLA style and the Chicago style are the most commonly used academic research paper formats. The APA style, used mainly for the documentation of sociology and psychology papers, has certain features which are unique to it.

• The title page contains the document title, the name of the author, the course title and the date, as in the case of all other styles. But in addition to these, APA also employs the use of a ‘running head’, which is a part of the complete title which conveys the complete meaning.

• In APA style, the running head is repeated on all the pages on the top right hand corner, alongside the page number, whereas in most of the documentation styles, it is the author’s name which appears next to the page number. The running head is used with the intention of helping the reader remain focused on the main topic of discussion.

• The in-text citations, or parenthetical references are made in the ‘(author, date)’ format. The surname of the author and the year of publication are given within brackets, right next to the cited information. The in-text citations must tally with the details given in the bibliography section as the main purpose of in-text citations are to link the cited information to the details given in the bibliography section.

• Footnotes are also used in APA style for giving additional information about any part of the paper to the reader. APA style forbids the use of footnotes for referencing purposes.

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