Finding the answer to ‘How do I write research papers in MLA format’

If you are a literature student, you will be dealing with the MLA documentation style quite often. And at this moment, you might be at that stage of wondering ‘How do I write a research paper in MLA format’. But the MLA format is relatively simpler, compared to the other documentation formats. The MLA style was developed by the Modern Language Association of America for the purpose of documenting research data in language and literature studies. The style gives a lot of liberty to the writer, which suits the subject as worrying too much about rules and restrictions would make it difficult for the writers to concentrate on their creative skills.

An answer to ‘How do I write research papers in MLA format’

How do I Write a Research Paper in MLA FormatThere are certain basic rules which apply to the MLA format; with respect to the project guidelines and the style rules, you can decide how to document your paper perfectly. There will be no need to worry about ‘How do I write research papers in MLA format’ once you get a grasp of the basic attributes of the style.
If you are allowed to prepare the paper as per the style rules, without any specific alterations, the process would involve the following steps.

• Type the name of the author, the course title, the name of the professor and the date of submission on the top left hand side of a paper. Against this, on the top right hand side, type in the surname of the author and the page number. Leaving two spaces below the date of submission, key in the document title, centrally aligned. The research paper may begin two spaces below the title. You do not have to separate the title page in an MLA format paper, unless your teacher specifically asks for it.

• Cite the sources within the text using the ‘author, page’ format. The ‘author’ stands for the surname of the author and the ‘page’ stands for the page number.

• Use content notes or end notes to give additional information on any part of the text. The information can be linked with the relevant part of the text using special characters or numbers.

• Include a separate bibliography section with the heading of ‘Works Cited’. The method of citing each type of source in the ‘works cited list’ must be ascertained from the latest edition of MLA style manual.

• Use one inch margins on each side of the paper, double spacing between lines and Times New Roman 10-12pt font for typing.

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