Find out how to start research paper introductions well

Research papers are made up of various components – some mandatory and some optional. Out of the mandatory components, the title page comes first. It is easy enough to put a title page together even if you do not possess any writing skills. But that is not the case with the next mandatory component – the research paper introduction. It takes a lot of practice and skill to prepare an introduction which not only serves it purpose but does so in an interesting manner. It will not do to just know what a research paper introduction is. You will also have to know how to start a research paper introduction well and how to end it effectively.

The purpose of an introduction

It might sound silly to have to listen to an explanation about what an introduction is; it is evident enough from the term itself. But, when it comes to research paper writing, there are not many who manage to grasp the full meaning of the term. There are also those who do not have any idea as to how to start research paper introductions and what all must be put into it.

The purpose of a research paper introduction is to introduce the topic to the audience in a way that triggers their curiosity or interests. The audiences of a research paper would rely on the introduction, to gather the information they would need, to follow the paper. The introduction will:

1. Introduce the topic.

2. Give relevant background information on the topic.

3. Mention the methodology used for research. (optional)

4. Explain the scope of the topic.

5. Touch upon the nature of research.

6. State the thesis of the paper.

Starting an introduction impressively

How to Start a Research Paper IntroductionWhen students practice research paper writing, the emphasis is mostly on how to start research papers well. There are not many who stop to worry about how to start research paper introductions well. But, in effect, the perfect way to begin a research paper is with the use of a perfectly framed introduction.

The first line of the introduction is crucial considering the fact that it is the first line of your research paper as well. And, it must be interesting enough to urge your audience to pay attention to the rest of the paper. Do not underestimate the difficulty of the task – you might be addressing audience who are least interested in your topic. The only way you can accomplish this task is by assessing the audience to find out which approach would suit them the best. To be precise, start off your introduction using that specific feature of your topic your audience would be interested in.

Learning to prepare good introductions

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