Tips on how to write proposals for research papers

Most research projects which offer you the liberty to choose the topic also require a research proposal which will have to be approved by the instructor. The trouble is that even good topics can get rejected if the proposal is not good enough. If you are not sure of how to write a proposal for a research paper impressively, it would be better to first find out how to go about it and then start writing it.

The objective of a research proposal

How to Write a Proposal for a Research PaperBefore getting into the details of how to write proposals for research papers, let us take a look at what the objective of a research proposal is. It serves many purposes and is useful to the teachers as well as the students. The proposal helps the instructors to identify topics which are not suitable for the project at an early stage and direct the students the right way. That way, they would be able to save the time which would otherwise be wasted reading about topics which are inappropriate for the project. It also gives them an idea of what to expect from the submissions.

Research proposals are equally useful for students also. First of all, it helps them gather their thoughts and ideas towards the paper. And while putting it into a formal format, they would be able to judge their choice better. At the stage of preparing the proposal, they would be able to change their topic, if they find any problem with it. Another advantage of working on an approved proposal is that there would be no risk of the project getting disqualified or rejected.

The important elements of a research proposal

Some instructors specify the points which must be included in the proposal. In such cases, you will be able to put it together by following the instructions, even if you do not know how to prepare a proposal for a research paper. But not every project comes with specifications regarding the proposal format. When there are no specifications, you would be expected to follow the commonly used format for research proposals which would include:

1. A description of the topic – Give the necessary background information on the topic. Explain the scope of the topic and the nature of research.

2. The thesis statement – State the thesis with confidence but without imposing authority as you are yet to gather evidence towards it.

3. Your interest in the project – Explain why you chose the topic and how your skills would complement the research on that particular topic.

4. The methodology – Describe the methodology and research tools you wish to use for research on the topic.

5. The sources – List out the sources which you have shortlisted for the research. Explain why you consider them the best ones for your project.

6. The time span – Mention how much time you expect the research procedure to take.

Impressive research proposals

An impressive research proposal can make even the most boring topics look interesting and a poorly prepared one can make even the best of topics look dull and boring. Hence, all students must have an idea of how to write proposals for research papers. If you need any further assistance with your research proposal or your research paper itself, let us know. We offer research paper help to students of all subjects and levels. You may go through the research paper examples listed on our website to get an idea of the skills of our writers. We also offer custom research paper writing service to students.