A discussion on how to write research paper proposals

Research proposals work as requests for permission, from the authorities, to conduct researches on specific topics. There are certain approved formats for the presentation of research proposals depending upon the subject and the objective of research. Many research proposals get rejected plainly because it lacks focus and sometimes because the matter presented is not clear enough. Considering the fact that it is the key to your research plans, it is important that you first figure out how to write research paper proposals legibly and clearly before you start writing it.

Points to be included in a research proposal

How to Write a Research Paper Proposal  Research proposals are meant to give the authorities information on the important aspects of the proposed research. If you forget to include any of the points which they expect to find out from the proposal, your proposal can get rejected irrespective of the scope and demand of the topic. In order to understand how to write a research paper proposal, you must first take note of the points which must be included in it.

• The topic – Give a clear description of the topic with reference to its scope in the subject area of research. You may also give some relevant background information of the topic.

• The nature and purpose – Specify, whether the nature of your research would be analytical, argumentative or comparative.

• The methodology and sources – Explain the methodology you wish to employ and also the tools which you plan to use for your research. You must also list out the main sources you have short-listed for reference.

• The thesis – State your thesis confidently but without imposing authority. The possibility and practical application value of your theory, or thesis, will be assessed before the permission is granted.

• Your special skills – Mention your previous accomplishments, if any, in the subject area of research and also your qualifications which would complement the research on the topic.

• The estimated cost and duration – Another point to be included in your proposal is the estimated cost of your research. You must also mention how long you expect the research to take or how fast you expect to reach a conclusion.

Presenting the matter impressively

Permission for research on a particular topic is usually granted only if the applicant proves himself capable of taking the research to its conclusion. Hence, your research proposal should not only give the authorities a complete idea of your research plan but also create the impression that you are capable of conducting a successful research on the topic. In addition to having an idea of how to write a research paper proposal, you must also find out how you can present these points in the most impressive manner. It is needless to say that it would take good writing skills and language proficiency to achieve that goal.

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