Figure out how to write thesis statements for research papers

A research paper is made up of various elements. Out of them, the most important one is the thesis. A thesis is the focal point of a research and for the research paper to be effective, the thesis should be proved beyond any doubt. The thesis of a paper is stated many times in a research paper; but each time with a different purpose. The method of presenting the thesis also depends on the type of paper you are writing as the thesis is indicative of the objective of the paper. Hence, it is essential to learn how to write thesis statements for research papers, in order to be able to prepare them in an impressive manner.

The main characteristics of a thesis statement

how to write a thesis statement for a research paperIn order to figure out how to write a thesis statement for a research paper, you must first learn what it is all about. As the simple definition of research paper thesis statement goes, it is the stating of the thesis of a research paper. In other words, the sentence or statement, which proclaims the thesis, would be the thesis statement. There are certain characteristics which define a thesis statement; it must be:

• Contained in a single sentence.
• Crisp and clearly indicative of the thesis of your paper.
• A confident proclamation of the theory.
• Not too long as to be difficult to comprehend, nor too short to contain the essence of the thesis.

Stating the thesis in the various research paper components

While learning how to write thesis statements for research papers, you must also note that the tone of presentation of the thesis statement changes with its position.

• The proposal: In the research proposal, you will be stating the thesis in a suggestive tone, but confidently. You are yet to conduct the research and prove the thesis; but the authorities must feel, on reading your thesis statement, that your proposal is worth the time and effort involved in the research.

• The abstract: The thesis should be stated in the abstract if you are presenting an informative abstract. Here the tone of the thesis can be bold as you would have proved your theory by the time you prepare your informative abstract. The confidence with which you state your thesis in the abstract can influence the reader’s decision on whether the document is worth reading or not.

• The introduction: The thesis, in the absence of an abstract, will be stated for the first time in the introduction. You cannot throw much authority while stating the thesis here, as you are yet to present the evidence towards the same. However, there is no harm in putting on a confident tone to encourage the readers to pay attention to your presentation.

• The conclusion: By the time the research paper reaches the concluding paragraph, the thesis would have been proved and for that reason, you may state the thesis with authority in your research paper conclusion.

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